On-site services are performed by Federal, State of California & Nationally Certified Interpreters (NBCMI and CCHI), as well as Registered, Qualified and Portfolio Interpreters. We professionally assist the Limited English Proficient (LEP) communicate and gain equal access to the services you provide, ensuring compliance with the laws.

Settings include legal proceedings, medical-legal and medical encounters such as: depositions, deposition transcript reviews, job analyses, C&R readings, administrative hearings, bankruptcy hearings, immigration hearings, civil cases, arbitrations and mediations, medical-legal appointments, medical treatment appointments, etc.

Established in 1994, relationships with the local worker’s compensation, medical and legal community are strong. We enjoy an excellent reputation for providing quality, professional interpreters to local government agencies, hospitals, clinics, schools and businesses.


We provide nationwide translation services for both private industry and the government sector. We specialize in high quality, accurate, meaningful translations. ATA Certified Translators, as well as highly educated, professional, degree-holding or credentialed foreign translators and editors, are part of our team.

Whether translating email correspondence, legal documents, website content or marketing materials, the approach is the same: ensuring that the translation reads like a native text. More than just transferring words, our interpreters and translators convey meaning from one language and culture to another. Bridging the gap, enabling communication, creating understanding is our goal.


In order to guarantee a quality product, we provide services in the language combinations listed below. You may notice that the list is short, but our team of interpreters and translators are consistent, highly trained and have an excellent track record of producing the end product you can be proud of.

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Hmong
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Mixteco
  • Vietnamese
  • Russian

Call us for other language combinations.