Where it All Began

Ortiz Schneider Interpreting & Translation began in 1992, with Lorena Ortiz Schneider’s graduation from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterrey with a Master’s in Conference Interpreting and Translation. Fueled by a passion for facilitating understanding among people from different cultural and language backgrounds, Lorena began her career as a seminar interpreter, working for the Department of State in the USA. Her assignments included interpreting for politicians, judges, economists, and other international figures. With a move to Santa Barbara, CA came an opportunity to create her own business, and serve the local community of doctors, lawyers, and Limited English Proficient (LEP) individuals.

And thus, in 1999, Ortiz Schneider Interpreting & Translation was formally founded. Primarily serving Santa Barbara county, the business quickly expanded to include Santa Maria and Lompoc, where Ortiz Schneider’s network of interpreters provided language services for doctors and lawyers in the worker’s compensation system.

Since then, Ortiz Schneider has been steadily providing quality interpreting services for clients throughout California, as well as translation work to customers across the globe. In addition, Ortiz Schneider has been a leading proponent for the professional interpreter community, advocating for fair pay, quality interpreter training, and a consistent certification process. Overarching all this, Lorena has personally taken on endeavors to spread awareness of the interpreting and translation industry, and the importance of the interpreter’s role in facilitating equal access to essential services for LEPs in this country.

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