Care and Access

With diverse populations, language access is critical in getting patients efficient and compliant care. When facing our medical realities, emotions and vulnerability run high. Ensure accurate and compliant communication for each patient outcome.

Areas of Focus

Private Practice & Hospitals
With diverse and unique settings our linguists allow your providers and staff to focus on delivering the best care and more efficient outcomes. Meaningful access and lower re-admittance rates, in emergency rooms, at consultations, discharge and more. 

Behavioral Health
Linguists for sensitive situations. Experienced professionals for treatment, counseling, psychiatry, and ADMH programs. Navigate language barriers with patients, caregivers and families on the road to wellness.  

Insurance, Health Plans, Medi-Cal
Connect your members and providers with comprehensive language access solutions.


HIPPA, HITECH... the compliance requirements for healthcare professionals are extensive. With Ortiz Schneider, you can rest assured that your language solutions will be compliant and confidential, match the quality of your care, and deliver meaningful language access to your patients.

Remote Services
With telehealth practices rapidly becoming necessary compliments to traditional care, Ortiz Schneider makes sure your language access keeps pace. Partner with us to ensure you connect seamlessly with limited English speaking patients via our suite of remote language services.

Remote Interpreting Services
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Call on interpreters and translators specializing in the healthcare field who are experienced with navigating provider/patient relations and cultural sensitivities.