Language and the Law

As our world grows more interconnected and communities become more diverse, the need for language support for legal professionals is on the rise. We provide confidential, accurate and prompt translation and interpretation across various practice areas.

Areas of Focus

Multilingual Depositions
Schedule a credentialed legal/court interpreter in your desired language for the depo and/or the prep. 

Contracts & Agreements
Contracts and agreements can be complex, with terminology rarely found outside of the industry. With a legal translator fluent in target languages and legal jargon, contractual terms and legal context are clear in any language. 

Patents & IP
In a rigorous and demanding practice covering diverse areas of technical subjects from aerospace engineering to chemical and pharmaceuticals, and patents, including organizational structure and terms of art, our project managers will lock in the expert for the job using bespoke linguist matchmaking. 

Discovery & Expert Testimony
Strengthen multilingual cases with discovery translations and expert witnesses. Language and subject matter experts are available for evidence translation and testimony on accuracy and quality of translations, multilingual discovery content and more.

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