Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation

California Work Comp Specialists

With diverse workforces serving our vibrant California communities, language access is critical in getting injured workers back on their feet. Within a complex system, we facilitate treatment, evaluations and case progression with compliant linguistic support statewide and at every turn. 

Language Solutions for the Entire Claims Process

For all claims stakeholders
We deliver language support for claims administrators, case managers, attorneys, medical providers, and injured workers.

At events throughout the claims lifecycle
We service medical evaluations and treatment, depositions, hearings and settlements, investigations, statements, and more.

Language solutions you can count on
Our project managers provide attentive customer service and mobilize an extensive network of certified and credentialed linguists. We pair this with our enterprise grade linguist management system so that when you book a project with Ortiz Schneider, you can consider it done.

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