Why Us

Real service, real people, real talk.

With Ortiz Schneider, you can always count on being able to access a member of our staff. While much of the industry tries to scale via web portals and automated systems, we are here for you. Try us – call, email, messenger pigeon (or USPS), we’ll answer.

We go the extra mile.

Getting the job done right means, more often than not, going above and beyond. Every day, we go the extra mile for our clients, whether it’s a last-minute interpreting request, or a translation that needs to be turned around as soon as possible – we push into the beyond to deliver for you.

Quality is the air we breathe.

The quality of your decisions directly impacts the quality of your life. The quality of your communication does as well. Which is why, working with linguistic and subject matter experts, we never compromise on quality. After all, reputations, relationships, money, and even lives are at stake.

A Global Network

Choosing the right language service provider can be challenging. You don't always know what you need, or where to look, and once you find what you're looking for, it can be difficult to evaluate the quality of your end result. That's where we come in: to make the challenging, simple, and the difficult, easy.

At Ortiz Schneider, we've spent the last 20+ years building relationships with interpreters and translators all over the world. They vary in backgrounds and disciplines, making up a rich tapestry of professional excellence. This is a network that you can tap into with just one phone call, to us. With Ortiz Schneider, the expertise of the network becomes your asset.

But finding the right talent isn't enough. Executing language projects can be difficult and complex: managing timelines, budgets, mediums, modes and technology. We take the complex, and make it simple. We identify your needs, match them with the right talent, and then manage the team and workflow, bringing the world's language solutions to your doorstep, ready to go.

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Selected Clients

Client Testimonials

“Every day you make my life easier by being available and always on time and on point.”
Crystal Forsher – Attorney, Law Offices of Edwin K. Stone.
“Your staff always exceeds my expectations and makes my life easier by being so accommodating and patient in regards to last minute scheduling requests and cancellations.”
Marlene Z. Arriaga – Administrative Office Professional, Santa Barbara County Department of Behavioral Wellness.